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work/life + balance = myth

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So it has been at least two months since I last posted. I was tempted to abandon this whole writing thing but decided I am not a quitter so here goes:

I returned to work at the end of July and my life has been a non-stop to do list ever since. Saying that, I am actually loving being back at work. I have my own separate identity. I can accomplish things. I can drink coffee uninterrupted. Plus, I now appreciate my time with Mia even more so and I think she does too. Oh and I get a paycheque. A true "win-win" to borrow from my workaday nomenclature.

Today I went for lunch for the first time with some other working moms (from other industries) and it confirmed my feelings. As a working parent, you are in constant go/do mode. The laundry/cooking/cleaning is endless. It is totally kicking my ass. Even tonight, I made dinner but I am too tired to eat it so I am drinking a beer and typing out these thoughts instead. I'll eat my fish tagine experiment tomorrow night. Never in my life have I been too tired to eat. This is definitely a new reality.

It has also come to my attention that this work/life balance myth applies to pretty much everyone. The more space you have, the more work/life expands to fill it. There are also a number of distractions that are sucking my creative time, namely TV (mad men!), facebook, twitter, fashion mags... and it goes on.

Still, I am not doing too badly. I have managed to squeeze in a workout or two. I don't *only* feed the kid mac n' cheese. I have been paying most of the bills on time. Sadly, these "wins" are at the expense of my social and/or romantic life.

Here's hoping it all gets easier with month three.

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