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- I am pleased about the snowfall. It's purty. It means it's not too cold out. It also means I might get out to the hills over the holidays.

- I love that I do not have to get caught up in the hubbub that is xmas.

- Part of me is jealous. I like presents and twinkly lights.

- After feeling dumpy yesterday for not working out in a week and half, I promised myself I would be good today but I just ate a chocolate bar. I did go for a long run this morning and I am going to yoga tonight so that's ok right?

- I am really looking forward to having next week off.

- We are turning into media monsters. Last night we signed up for digital cable, Rogers On Demand and PVR!!

- I also want to re-start my Saturday G&M subscription and round it out with the Sunday New York Times. This feels incredibly selfish b/c the dude is anti-newspaper tree killing consumption.

- I don't know what I am doing for new year's eve and while there have been a number of invites, I (ms. plannerama) do not feel like making any plans.

- I enjoy drinking but I HATE being hungover. Yesterday was useless. Not really worth it either considering I am fairly happy and outgoing even when sober.

- This time last year I was very troubled and depressed. I don't seem to have any issues anymore (aside from those last 10 lbs - but that will never be resolved will it?) Go me!

- All I want for xmas is a new neck. FUCK.

- Both of my bros will be in over the holidays. I am happy skippy to hang out with them (and showoff my new pad!)

- I got a special gloss treatment when Matt cut my hair yesterday and now it's all soft. I can't stop touching it.

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