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I have a one year old.

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Dear Mia,

I have been a neglectful parent and happyrobot contributor. I have barely posted in the last three months. Mostly because you went from lying around on your back or tummy to sitting up, standing up, crawling (more scooting), talking and all kinds of other crazily impressive stuff. Yesterday you turned one. I was a totally emotional girly girl all day. Even the day before, I was a little teary. A far cry from the head to toe black, rock loving, angst ridden girl I used to be. I am now mushy mom. I blame you for this as you will probably blame me for everything else from here on in. I totally love you to bits. You have bright red curls and now that you are enjoying solid foods and no longer starving, you bring on the smiles. And the giggles. It's all pretty delicious.

You are obsessed with dogs. It was your first word after dada. You are constantly pointing them out and listening for their barks. You might one day become a vet, or maybe a dog walker (this fills your father with dread.) Everything to you is dowg! Dawg! It's like hanging out with Randy Jackson all day. To be fair, you also like to point out cats. Ca. And flowers. And birds. Oh and did I mention bananas? They are another one of your fave things.

You still only have two bottom teeth but the top ones are on their way and you have been keeping us up all weekend. When we give in and bring you into bed with us, you like to stand up and smack the headboard. You love smacking that thing. I am glad it is smooth because I know you secretly want to climb it to get a better look at our print of kimono cats fishing.

We bought you a cupcake for your birthday. You devoured it in record time and then tried to eat the wrapper. A cupcakeaholic myself, I couldn't have been more proud.

Happy first year Mimi!

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