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We were waiting for the steetcar, freezing our denim-clad asses off, when she spoke to me.

I'd seen her around, usually on the days I am running late for work (read: always!) Big wonder woman hair, tied back with a loose elastic, huge reflective aviator glasses, a navy jacket, jeans stylishly tucked into yellow workman's boots and a large red pack floating out behind her like a cape. She looks tough too. I crushed on her immediately.

She had opened the latest issue of Now and a flyer for Cure The Catch fell out.

An torrent of disgust for this new campaign came pouring from her mouth. (Cure the Catch is the omnipresent campaign for the newly launched Virgin Mobile Canada. It is everywhere - on buses, garbage cans, poles, bus shelters! I even see it when I blink.) I had to chime in.

Yes, it is a dumb campaign and so much money is being spent on it, but it's certainly getting attention. Then she started to say that Richard Branson isn't all that, to which I quickly jumped to his defense. Sorry, but superhero or not, you can't diss RB. He is genius.

Then the streetcar came and we climbed aboard, our rant ending abruptly as we retired to our respective corners.

We both got off to at Dufferin. We crossed the street in silence and when I stood to wait for the Duf Bus, she smiled and said "Have a good weekend!"

I think it's transit love.

Sadly, while Pony has decided on a spend nothing work week. I have decided on a get to work on time week and I haven't seen her since.

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