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After at least an hour of tossing and turning and composing text in my head, I decided to make my way here to let you know about the lovely day I just had.

I woke up late-ish. Forced myself to go to the gym for a brief workout - to atone for yesterday's sins when I generously helped the dude recover from a major hangover yesterday but helping him indulge in a smorgasbord of dim sum, cheese and cracker (the spicy gouda and thinly sliced dill havarti nearly slayed me) and homemade chicken chili.

Then I wandered the city with the always engaging Adina. We had been talking for months about having a pre-bebe girly date. There were no martinis but I had a really lovely time. We met up at the D.U.D.E show, and somehow refrained ourselves from buying anything.

We then soaked up the sunshine as we walked towards Queen Street for a a delicious lunch at the irresistably precious Red Tea Box. For me, it is close to being the Toronto version of my beloved Santropol in Montreal, only sans goldfish pond and with Toronto prices. We split the yummiest gourmet bento boxes and each had a pot of tea. I chose the Assam Bento with the matching tea. Adina went for the Madhatter. They both provided the right mix of sweet and savoury. I think I will have to blame the Assam tea for my current state of high alert. Despite my best efforts, I am pretty sure I drank almost the whole pot.

It was totally worth it, but I will pay for it at work tomorrow.

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