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So I went to my first pre-natal class on Monday night and discovered a number of things.

First, that I am a neglectful mother to be as a side from the five minutes after I wake up (as soon as the dream shakes off I remember I am pregnant and put my hand to my belly in disbelief) and when my tummy rumbles for food, I have not given much thought to the life developing in utero.

The 90 minute class was all about being a parent and mother. The first 30 minutes were about life after baby. Apparently this is going to impact my relationship. The dude will have to decide how involved he will be when he gets home. All I could keep thinking was his concern over when he will find time to play squash. I know he will be a great dad, but thinking of how exhausted he is after work, and how devoted he is to work at the present, fills me with some dread as to the future. I know that once he meets our little Kanye (it's the best fetus name i can come up with, as the last name will be Kanee. Kanye Kanee is a pretty awesome moniker IMHO) he will fall in love and be rushing home from work to play and change diapers. Or so I hope (and pray.)

The class was pretty good as regular yoga is getting a bit challenging as I gain weight and girth (no, still not really showing but extra pounds add up when you are supporting downward dog.) Althought it wasn't quite a challenging enough workout for me, I did come home super-energized (and a little snarky.)

I am no hippie. This was my other lesson. The class was a little too holding-hands-across-the-earth vibe for me. I love to love and all but chanting Maaaaah instead of Ommm at the end of class to celebrate all the Maaaas in the world is taking it over the top!

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