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Friend Slut

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Apparently I am a total friend whore. I have been making some fast new friends in the world of soon to be moms. I have to say, it's totally exciting and refreshing to meet people I have never worked with or gone to school with and who, know nothing or very little about the world of media or interactive.

We befriended a couple in our childbirth prep class (as if a video of birth giving or breast feeding - both totally traumatizing - can actually "prep" you for the real thing!) who are very cool and fun. The dude accused me of being a total friend slut. He claims I knowingly flirt and make the girlfriend equivalent of bedroom eyes and presto, the people I deem the most interesting are slipping me their emails and mobile numbers on scraps of paper.

I have also made a wonderful friend in my prenatal pilates/yoga classes. We met on day one. She is due the day before me. Both our hubbies play poker on Thursday nights so we often grab a bite after class. She lives nearby and I am really enjoying getting to know her. I love making new friends, it can be so exciting when you just click.

Of course, no one can replace the good friends you already have.

As I get closer and closer to this new phase of my life, I feel a strong need to connect with and build up a network of other women who are going through the same thing as me. No matter how much baby k pokes and prods, I still can't quite believe I am about to become a parent.

Only one more month to go (!) until we meet our little guy or girl. For the most part, pregnancy has been treating me pretty well. I am starting to get anxious about life with baby, so for the moment, I am happy to keep my promise to my dad - to keep my legs crossed!

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