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it wouldn't be december

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a trip to the E.R.

Oh yes. I had a great weekend. Not only did Bell Sympatico stoopidly disconnect our high speed internet two weeks in advance of the date we scheduled but the dude got some crazy infection of the elbow.

As a result, I spent most of my weekend stuck at home, nursing him back to health whilst eating dry toast tasting chocolate spelt cookies and watching numerous episodes from Buffy: Season One. (I totally heart Angel. I had no idea a man could make a simple white V neck look that good. I never noticed his hunkiness before but it hit me like a piano from a tall window. Oh my. I nearly drooled when he took his shirt off. This doesn't happen to me much. Usually my hormones are safely tucked away in their no-no prudy place. Am I entering my sexual peak? What age does that begin at?...)

Oh right, so on Saturday we thought the dude simply had tennis elbow from too much squash. By the time I got home from my walk on Sunday, he had a fever and was feeling achey. We set out for the nearby walk-in clinic but it was closed. The dude was hesitant to go to the E.R. but I insisted. A fever equals infection. What if he has TB of the elbow? No really, you can get TB anywhere.

Anyhow, he has some crazy infection. I won't go into the details but he had to go back to the hospital today and get some more antibiotics via IV. It's pretty gruesome and he is stuck at home with no Internet. Poor dude. On a brighter note, he is thrilled that it is just an infection cos then he can still play squash!

As a result of the mystery bursitis infection elbow incident, we ended up missing out on his friend Chuck's wedding last night which was a bummer. We watched the Godfather. It is the first time I stayed awake for the entire movie. Go narcoleptic me.

Other weekend highlights include brunch with deep at Saving Grace, and making bean burritos and watching the latest Harry Potter on Saturday. Bean burritos can lead to lethal angry winds. Oh boy.

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