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of chanukah is today.

This is SO not a big deal. I know I say this every year but I can't stand the way xmas tomfoolery blows Hanukah so totally out of proportion. It was a holiday I enjoyed as a kid. Hell, wouldn't you? Pretty candles, lotsa prezzies, greasy potato latkes.. It's fun as all get out. As an adult, it is starting to stink.

The general public who think I am either uber-religious or a seriously devious slacker for taking off the jewish new year's holidays in September are all "Happy Holidays Elanamatic." And I'm all. Ugh.

Want to know why? Cos I am getting holiday stress. Yes. It used to be a fun time for me, knowing the world shut down at xmas and my fam would escape to the montreal jewish community's north pole - fort lauderdale beach, FLA. No pressure. No worries. Just sunburnt geriatrics, flea market binges and scenes from Coccoon.

These days I have so many xmas, chanukkah, chrismukkah parties that I am getting totally stressed out. Sure, sure. I am really looking fwd to seeing everyone.. eating yummy food. Having a drink or two. But it's piling up. There must be a better solution? I wish there was a way to spread the madness out. The vice on my free time is getting tighter and tighter and I am totally starting to wig.

Plus less free time means less me time meaning less time for exercise which leads to stress build up which leads to the inevitable implosion.

Did I mention I am also moving in two weeks? Strangely I am in a good mood today. It must be because my neck is not totally throbbing and my PMS is passing..

Perhaps I will fly through the holidays and find a way to enjoy being in the moment instead of living in perpetual panic caused by my inability to say "No" and my need to overschedule my life.

Either that or I will be forced to resort to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms for surviving this so-called evolved society.

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