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Blue Smarties still freak me out

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As I write this entry, I am nibbling on half a pack of Smarties. I am hoping I can somehow save the other half. Ok I give up, I will spill the rest out and eat them too. I always group the little chocolates candies into colour coordinated groups that I eat in order of preference. Does anyone else do this?

Being a bit of a purist, I have always resented the introduction of the blue ones. Apparently with good reason. I just did a quick search on Blue Smarties and found out they have been banned in every country but Canada. Go figure.

Ok the Smarties have now all been gobbled up. I feel for the paurvres robots américains being deprived of direct access to Smarties, they are delish. I'll send you some in exchange for mix CDs!

Eating Smarties was definitely not part of my New Year's resolutions for a happy 5767. My goals for this jewish new year include the following:

1. Get to work earlier. To accomplish this I must leave the house by 8:30 every morning. I managed to do this yesterday but not today. This should not be so difficult, what is wrong with me?
2. Go to the gym at least twice a week in addition to my running. I am paying a membership, I might as well use it. So far, so good. I went to yoga after work yesterday.
3. Get more involved. I want to give back to my community more and find ways to contribute to the world around me.
4. Go to more concerts!
5. Write more.
6. Be a better friend.
7. Don't give in to the giant TV in my basement. This summer, I went out a lot. September has been pretty nuts too, but as the weather turns cooler and the days get darker early, I tend to hibernate. I rely too much on the warm glow of our oversized HD TV and my computer instead of going out.
8. Visit the family in Montreal more. It's tough, it's close and yet far. The drive down the 401 is horribly dull but I do love the city and the people in it. I will have to plan some ski trips or something.
9. Set more goals. I have been feeling a little aimless lately. I need to drive towards something overarching with my life. Don't I?
10. Keep making lists. - Done!

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