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The Starbucks Diet

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Tall soy extra hot lattes.

The are my downfall. I never used to understand the power Starbucks held for people. At my previous job, I generally made myself a cup of tea in the morning or had some of the free coffee on hand. I went for the occasional soy latte at The Roastery (local shop, organic, fair trade beans.)

Shortly after I started working at my current job last November, my Starbucks romance has blossomed into a full-on addiction. At first I just went once in awhile, as a treat, or with a co-worker. Lately, I have succumbed to stopping in at the Starbucks across the street every morning on my way in. It's like crack. I need my piping hot steamy soy latte or I won't make it through the day.

There is even a social aspect to it, similar to the smoking deck. I know the staff; I run into friends; I find refuge; and I finally learned how to say my high maintenace order in the approved Starbucks style... And for a lactose intolerant coffee lover, the soy latte (extra hot!) really is a nice treat.

Unfortunately, they are costing me a fortune and so I am putting myself on a Starbucks Diet. Meaning, no more tall soy extra hot lattes. Except like all diets I attempt, this will have a few *tweaks.

*This diet will not apply on Fridays, major hangover days or during meetings taking place at Starbucks. I can also have a soy latte on my birthday and other occasions where I should not really have to work. Like Mondays and the occasional weekend.
**I can also still treat myself to some Timmy Ho's (in our bldg) when in desperate need of coffee. I met my bro there today. (He has been consulting in our bldg, how cool/fun is that?) We meet for un-coffee breaks, he has a medium hot chocolate and I get a mint tea. Together the two drinks still cost less than one tall soy latte.

This morning the dude made our beloved Ideal coffee at home and I took it to work in a travel mug. Not bad, but I did have to stick it in the micro when I got here. If the java ain't hot, it ain't worth it!

For the most part, I will be making myself a cuppa Twinings Earl Gray in the mornings and saving myself about $15 -$20 a week!

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