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Yes dear friends, secretive coworkers and spying family members, I done got myself in a family way. It's still a bit of a shocker. I wake up every morning (after the most insane pregnancy fueled vivid dreams) and still can't quite believe it.

I had so many titles for this post:

Designated Driver (too temporary)
Happyrobots Keep Multiplying (hint: don't drink the water on this site)
Baby On Board (too generic)
One Plus One Makes Three (math is confusing)
I Gots The Fever (but baby fever only kicked in yesterday when I saw the super long legs, well super long for a 5.5 cm human form)

In the end I decided to go all clinical. As of today, I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant! It's funny how few things you count off in this way, it's not quite the number of days 'til summer vacation, but equally daunting/thrilling!

Here is a quick overview of the most oft-asked questions to date:

1. How are you feeling?
Pretty effin' great! I had some nausea for at times but no puking. I also had to spend a week on bed rest which was no fun, but I stayed positive and it all worked out.

2. Any food aversions or cravings?

While nauseous, the thought of salad, most fruit and cottage cheese or yogurt made my stomach turn. All I could tolerate was hard cheese and crackers. Now all I want are sandwiches or variations such as non tex-mex quesadillas and burritos. I could also really really go for a vodka martini with olives!!

3. When are you due?
July 31.

4. Are you going to find out the gender ahead of time?
I dunno. Maybe. The dude really wants too. I might want it to be a surprise but I don't know if I can wait another 6 months! Thoughts? I am more curious if it will be a redhead or not!

5. Are you showing yet?
Not quite, I just look a bit dumpy (read: feeling fat) and my boobs are huge (oy!) but I might go look for maternity clothes tonight cos dress pants are getting tough to button.

6. How is the dude?

He is super excited too! I think he's going to be a great dad. He is so cute about the whole thing, I won't gush here because his coworkers are far more likely to read this than my own and their mocking is relentless. Apparently they already have a departmental pool as to the baby name, I haven't seen the list but I bet Gizmo is a top pick!

7. Any short term plans?
Well, before my life changes forever, I am trying to go out as much as possible (two parties Saturday night) and travel (Cali and Mexico in feb, maybe NYC in April?)

To add to the fun, we are trying to reno the kitchen and carpet the stairs. We haven't really thought about much beyond that!

8. Did you and Adina coordinate this?
Yes, I felt it was my duty to keep Happyrobot fluent in baby lala talk! No, of course not! Still, I am pretty excited about our overlapping mat leaves!

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