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It's strange how my world is now framed by my newfound gestation. Everything feels like a countdown. I am now 14 weeks. Or 3.5 months. Or 26 weeks until it the baby bomb drops. Or maybe less.

Last week I was in Cali for work. Had some meetings with Yahoo! in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley) near Palo Alto. It was nice to see some sun and not have to wear a toque, but it was also draining. Business travel is never as glam as you'd imagine, especially when you have to fly home on the red eye. Still, I did manage to squeeze in a quick shopping spree at Target (I bought some chocolate, a tiny cardigan, and an embarassing outfit for my mom's new puppy Shelly) and I had a wonderful time visiting with Rich and Jess in Oakland. We totally live too far apart. We went for authentic mexican (something you can't find easily here in Canada.) I sipped on Jess' mojito and shared a delicious squash enchilada. yum.

It was a successful trip on many fronts, but I realized I will need to fit in one more trip before the baby pops. This reminds me that I am sort of living my life on a deadline. There is so much I want to accomplish in the next few months. Once again, I am framing life in respect to baby's arrival. It's like the countdown to your next vacation, only much less relaxing and exotic.

Speaking of frames, my growing belly is still not ready for maternity clothes. This is definitely a good thing as the clothes out there are depressing! Why do we have such limited choice for this clearly booming need? So far I've deemed H&M the winner for both style and cost unless you want to consider going designer. It seems wasteful to me as it is a short term pleasure.. still I have already half-convinced myself to splurge on a pair of fancy jeans so that I can feel nearly normal and somewhat sexy. In the meantime, I have been managing to walk around with my pants discreetly unbuttoned thanks to the bella band. If only they had a similar expansion tool for dress shirts. I can no longer button mine up and it's depressing!

I have finally been given the go ahead to be active again and am doing my best to ease into it. I've gone to yoga twice since Saturday and it's good to be moving around again, yet I feel very awkward and stumbly already. I can't imagine how it will be in a few months. I am still not ready to try out the prenatal classes but the regular routine is causing me some anxiety. I am never quite sure what moves are ok or not. How long can I lie on my back for? Is this a twist, or just a stretch? I know Boat pose is a no-no, but how about Plank? What exactly qualifies as an inversion? The internet has been helpful and I am doing my best to just sit out questionable moves but yoga is certainly a lot more stressful than it used to be.

Ultimately, I am pleased to be entering this "golden age of pregnancy" where I am a lot less nauseous and super sleepy - tech meetings and boring movies aside. I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Only rounder.

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