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Keeping Me Awake

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Welcome to the second trimester! I am now five and half months pregnant. I thought I was supposed to have more energy now but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Pretty much every night, I struggle to stay awake and watch my fave shows on TV, but by 10:15 or so, I lose the battle, my eyes become glued shut and I lie in a pond of my own drool on our couch. Pretty!

The dude usually has pity on me and lets me lie there for another hour or so, until John Stewart has ended his opening monlogue on The Daily Show.. Then he nudges me to make my way upstairs to bed. Our bedroom is three floors up. I usually have to make a pit stop on the second floor, thanks to the baby dancing on my bladder.

Once upstairs I wash up and crawl into bed. I am suddenly so awake. I can't stop thinking. I stare at the clock as it strikes midnight with chagrin, knowing full well how sleepy I will be in the morning. Here is what is keeping me awake:

- Funny, sad or crazy stories from my day that I suddenly have a burning desire to share.
- Baby names. We have narrowed down the boy possibilities but the girl names remain open ended. We had tried to find out the gender earlier this month, but our little guy or girl is modest and wouldn't share with the camera. The dude says this is b/c they are saving their sexual exploits for distribution in the future (when there is a profit to be made.)
- Stoopid work stuff.
- Kitchen stuff. We are about to begin kitchen reno plans in the next two weeks.
- Baby kicks. So cool and yet so freaky. So weird and amazing that we can grow another fully formed human inside us.

Eventually I fall asleep but I most often have crazy wild dreams. The best ones include:
- Trying to hang out with Perez Hilton and being rejected and wondering where my fag hag powers have all gone?
- Having all kinds of sordid sex and drug infused dreams that make me wake up feeling like a horrible mother to be!
- Finding an abandoned baby in a plastic bag in the back of a taxi.
- Adina coming over and thanking god for Gabriel's music class so she can sneak a smoke. Then proceeding to smoke a "natural" style cigarette in an accompanying cigarette holder.
- That the baby is a boy but he looks exactly like a miniature version of my grandfather, complete with dark skin and a little mustache.

As you can imagine, after a night of this kind of mental activity, I am completely exhausted when my alarm goes off the next morning. I am hoping that now that the weather is warming up I can start going for walks in the a.m. but I will have to find the willpower to tuck myself in a lot earlier!

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