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dear baby k

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I had promised myself my happyrobot space would not become all about baby all the time. Truth is, lately, I can't stop thinking about you.

Last week we were all about the panic. "We are not ready to be parents." "Our lives are busy enough." "We are too selfish to care for some small person." All of a sudden, this week, I am suddenly so excited to meet you! We both are. You seem like such an interesting person already.

You have not even been born and you are already so accomplished! From your active womb lifestyle, I already know that you are a champ at swimming laps, an expert in ju-jitsu, and a very talented percussionist (or is that air guitar?) especially when I play the Wolfmother album in the car at full volume.

Speaking of, I know this is a long way off, but I wonder if when you learn to drive you will be cautious and yet full of rage like your father, or a "lead-foot" but chilled out driver like your mother? I still can't believe that we will shortly take on those weighty titles of mother and father, or mom and dad.

We are so curious to meet you and see what you look like. Will your hair be curly or straight? Red or brown? Will you have long lashes like me or the infamous k-family pout? Either way, we are anxiously waiting to nibble on your fingers and toes and bite your cheeks. Especially your dad. Don't worry, I will make sure he is well fed so he doesn't really try to eat you.

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