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Massive Recap

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I have wanted to write so many things but life has been getting in the way again lately. I can only imagine how adding baby to the mix will further compress things.

We went home to Montreal for Passover two weeks ago and it was a really nice visit. We drove down with my brother and his gf. It might be the last time we all squeeze into the same car.. Unless we rent a mini-van(!)

We celebrated my dad's birthday on the Saturday when we arrived. My dad is pretty much a big deal. He is one of the most easygoing, generous people I know. For his bday, we bought him scotch and a shirt, he got us each a gift certificate to Best Buy. I am totally taking tips from my dad for when I have kids. He was also pretty adorable during the seders. When hunting for the afikoman with my little cousins, he whipped out an oversized magnifying glass a la Sherlock Holmes. Too cute!

As I get older, I find it getting harder to hit the road. I am sure the pregnancy hormones don't help, but I got really weepy and homesick even before I left.

The second seder at my in-laws was also fun, our little nephew Benny was in from California. He is so smart! The dude kept saying that at only 18 months, Benny had not only learned the Mah Nishtana, but he had also composed his own melody! Ok that is an exaggeration, but how many one and half year olds can count to ten and know several words in English, Spanish and Hebrew? Total genius baby.

Last week I also hit up the Exclaim Spring Fling party with a host of bands from Montreal. So much indie dance party fun! A big thanks to kat for getting me on the guest list ;-)

I took a break during Chromeo and sat upstairs.. Some guy started talking to me, and when he realized I was pregnant wouldn't shut up about his daughter: "My daughter likes tofu, not meat." "My daughter knows how to use a computer." "My daughter hides under tables."

If I ever start telling strangers random non sequitors about my children during a concert, please smack me! I so wish I had been dancing during that set. I tried to save my energy for DJ Champion b/c I had heard so much buzz but I was actually a bit disappointed so I left around midnight. Still it was a fun night out and I ran into tons of my old pals from the music biz which was so good. I was pleased to finally look a bit preggers rather than just dumpy around the middle.

What else? Our kitchen reno started on Monday. Our place is straight outta HGTV, down to the charming handymen and budget creep. Our first floor is completely unusable and I am thankful I am not much rounder b/c I would not be able to squeeze through the narrow gap between the fridge and stove to get downstairs. We have already completely blown our budget and will be making a wack o' KD in the new kitchen, still I can't wait for the final product. It'll be a huge improvement.

Oh and I am now six months preggers. The panic is starting to settle in. The dude keeps saying how uncharacteristcally calm I am but lately, we keep turning to each other and ask what the hell we were thinking? Our life has pretty sweet to date. We have a busy social life, a fab dwelling, good jobs, we travel often. We are totally spoiled. So are we really ready to trade in late nights for babyvision (defn: when you can't stop staring at very cute babies in hopes that they gurgle, coo, or spit.) Either way, it's too late now. I realized today that most of our friends had baby number one last year and are already onto baby number two. I figure if they are going back for seconds it can't be too bad, right?

I am still incredibly tired in the morning no matter how early I go to bed. It's rough. I am so cranky from growing a baby 24/7. It's very unlike me. I used to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 for a run and come back full of energy. Now my eyes are glued shut and my alarm is blaring at 8:00 a.m. after hitting snooze at least three times.

Tomorrow will be really killer because after tonight's pre-natal pilates, I plan to run home and doll myself up for the AGO's Massive Party. Should be a good time - as opposed to my 9 a.m. to noon meeting tomorrow morning, ugh!

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