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Knocked Up

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After a very productive weekend (we are creating a pile of crap and not-so-crappy crap for a garage sale, even though we have no garage, or driveway, or even lawn. It will likely be a sidewalk sale, so long as the dude promises to wrangle any kvetching pedestrians.) the dude and I, in an effort to cram in as much living life as we can before we meet baby, went to see Knocked Up on Sunday night.

We are trying to go to as many movies and nice restos as we can while it's still within budget and possible. We loved the movie. I am sure some of it resonated because of our current state of parents to be, but we also just enjoyed laughing at nerdy potheads loser boys and their antics.

Last night, at the beginning of our childbirth classes, the dude asked if anyone else had gone to see it. (He has taken on the role of class clown, always ready with a witty remark. I think half the class thinks he is hilarious, and the other half pities our unborn child the impending dad humour. He is lucky I still find him cute and charming, cos he can be really obnoxious.) None of the other 15 or so couples had gone to see it.

On our way over to the hospital (to view the labour and delivery rooms) he remarked on how suprised he was: "I can't believe no one else in the class has gone to see that movie yet?"

"Yeah, but they probably all have cribs and stuff," I retorted. We laughed ourselves silly. We intend to get to that stuff soon...

The movie is really funny, I recommend it. It's light on plot but heavy on laughs. Apparently Rebecca Eckler is suing them for stealing her idea. Yes her book has the same title, and it involves getting knocked up, but I think saying they copied her is a bit of a stretch to me.

I am getting bigger every day. People at work who I don't know well will chat me up in the elevator. They say the best things like: "How many more days until you are due?" Days? I still have almost 2 months! or "Do you mind if I ask how much weight you've gained." Umm.. yes, actually. I don't even know your name. FUN.

Oh and for those of you wanting to check out our other mega project, here are some photos of our fab new kitchen.. (PS. ignore the guy in the "Before" pic, he is the previous home owner.)

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