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Firsts and Lasts

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Yesterday was both bitter and sweet. It was Adina's last day before her return to work. Mia and I were privileged enough to join them for their last week day playdate for awhile. We had a lot of fun!

We started with a swim at the TriBell community centre. It was Mia's first time in the pool. She looked really cute in the red and white polka dot swimsuit I bought her. She didn't cry at all which I take to be a very good sign as it was pretty chilly in the water and the poor girl was turning blue. Adina sang Gabriel songs and he splashed with delight. I wish I had pics!

Then we went next door to Fresh. We used to go there all the time pre-bebe. It was delish as always. I had my usual, Dragon on soba and Adina had the Ninja on brown rice. We split a sweet potato fries and miso gravy. Gabriel loved the fries, and Mia was extremely jealous. I think her lust was inspired by my eating the above meal at least once a week while I was pregnant.

Post lunch, our bellies full and babies all groggy from their swim, we wandered Queen West. The little chickadees slept in their strollers while we chatted.

Back to Adina's for some chai tea with Kiff. Mia and Gabriel yelped and gurgled at each other and fought over a Kangaroo.

Later last night, back at home with the dude, baby sound asleep upstairs I indulged in another first, brownies! I had never baked them myself before. The ones we made were called fudgy wudgy brownies and are kinda low fat (they contain prune puree) but we added extra chocolate chips to cancel out the healthy fiber.

Mia is stirring, it's time to get us both dressed and out the door. Adina - if you are reading this, we hope your first day back is going great, now shut your browser and get back to business ;-)

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