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Peekaboo, Six Months Are You

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Dearest baby Mia -

You are now six months old, holy crap! You are growing stronger, sweeter, more interactive and willful every day. You are also totally gorgeous. I love seeing bits of your ever developing personality come to the surface. You love love love to be active, and are still the life of the party. Lately, you resent lying down, you want to be upright, checking things out. You continue to look right, look left, look right, surveying the ongoings of life. We know you are in charge and hope that we can meet your expectations.

Saturday mornings, you now have swimming lessons with your dad. Everyone kept commenting on how great you are in the pool. So brave. So tough. So fearless.  By the time that half hour has passed your lips fingers and toes are deep purpley blue from cold. Still you don't complain. This fragility manages to make you even more beautiful and special.

You have a deep sense of humour that is both innocent and fresh. You love peekaboo but often play it cool. I have to work super hard to get you to release those teeny tiny peals of laughter but it is worth every effort. The sound of your laugh is so beautiful, I melt into a puddle of rainbows and starfish.

We started you on solids last week, and you took to them like a champ! Unfortunately, you are still on strike when it comes to the bottle. You had some formula that didn't agree with you last month. After projectile vomiting the entire contents of the bottle, you absolutely refuse to go near anything to do with bottles or formula. The bottle is the only physical object I have ever seen you push away from your mouth. It is making me mental but I admire you consistency.

Recently you've started nestling your head into my neck when you are sleepy. It is the sweetest thing. Just writing about it brings tears to my sappy mom eyes. I admit that sometimes I just let you nap there on the spot, forgoing the crib for my arms. Cheesy I know, but how much longer will you fit right there? I need to soak up every bit of this time.

Uh oh, sounds like you just woke up. (Sadly for me, sleeping through the night is no longer one of your merciful qualities, still I am so grateful that you are a happy healthy baby.) Ok, I am on my way..

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