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Thirty-three years and eight months

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I turned 33 last week. Or should I say 29 again? Celebrating yourself when you have a baby seems almost impossible. I did not get to wash my hair, or stay in bed and read. I did however convince the dude to take time out in the afternoon to go for lunch. We went to the very delicious DT Bistro around the corner from us. Sadly, we were so stuffed with yummy sangwiches that we skipped the decadent desserts.
Since my bday fell on a long weekend, we had a little breakfasty brunching with friends at our place Friday morning. The dude made the most delicious Raspberry Lemon French Toast Strata and I made a little savoury salad  to accompany it. Oh and there was also lots of baguette and cheese. It was all crazy delicious and nice to hang with friends. I kept stalling on posting as I have not yet downloaded the pics but I am tired of this avoidance strategy. I think I have developed posting paralysis so I am just getting this entry out and hoping I can write something more interesting next. Please bear with me.

Mia also had a birthday of sorts on Friday. She turned eight months. I skipped writing a seven month celebration as we were in Florida where she was too busy being spoiled by grandparents and little old ladies. We had a lot of fun playing in the pool and taking long naps. And now holy cow, she is eight months and radically different. Not only can she sit up for hours on her own, she started babbling bababa, dadada. She has a lot to say and it is all pretty wonderful to hear. Her current favourite thing to do is smack anything within reach. She still has no teeth but much as I love her toothless grin, I pray they come soon because her teething is hurting us all. 

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