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Nine months in, nine months out.

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Dear Mia -

You are now nine months old. My lovely little person, you bowl me over with your burgeoning personality. You are curious and light, serious and demanding, giggly and defiant. Also just too darn cute for words. Your red hair is starting to curl and I promise to do my best to help you tame the big mane you have inherited.

Growing quickly, you love to stand, bounce, reach and eat. OMG do you love to eat! Almost any kind of food will do but bananas and cheese rank highest on your gimme gimme scale. 

You also love to nuzzle, cuddle and attack me with wide open mouth kisses. And pull my hair. And stab me in the eye with your tiny taloned fingers. Oh and pinches. And blow raspberries. Non stop raspberries.

Sleep is also big on your list of priorities. For that we are exceptionally grateful. You are the best sleeper around. I am pretty sure you scored that trait from me, I heart sleep too.

Social and chatty, you love to check out the older babies. They fascinate you and cause you to ooh and ahh super loud. Dogs are even more exciting. 

You finally earned a tooth this month. I bought you a fancy bib to celebrate your newfound chomping capabilities. I am scared I will spoil the crap out of you but I am doing pretty ok so far. I think. You are really obsessed with me, which is amazing but also terrifying because I am guaranteed to disappoint you one day. I am human after all and my flaws run deep. I wish you could remember the unwavering love you feel for me at this age (except for when I wipe your face, then I quickly become your mortal combatant!) but I am sure you will forget the first time I say no, you cannot buy that outfit or no you cannot stay out all night. Eep.

In the meantime, I will take what I can get and squeeze you back hard as I can. 

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